Secombe also played various Welshmen (e.g. a lorry driver in "Wings Over Dagenham", and a navvy in "The Scarlet Capsule"). Members of the newsgroup refer to most of these characters as "Secombe Bach." In the beginning of the episode "The Thing on the Mountain", all three Goons (with Milligan as Adolphus Spriggs and one line as Singhiz Thingz) imitate Welshmen. In "Wings Over Dagenham", Secombe's Welsh character is named "Dai". There is also a Welsh Eccles, whose so-called accent consists entirely of words such as Abergavenny, Cardiff Docks, Swansea Docks and leeks; he later admits, "It's no good folks, I can't keep up this accent any longer, I'm not a Welshman at all." In "The Mighty Wurlitzer", the first part of the story is set in Wales. Secombe (himself a Welshman in the role of Seagoon), Milligan (playing a cat) and Sellers (à la Mai Jones) end virtually every sentence with the Welsh word "bach" (which means 'small' - occasionally, a Welshman will refer to his 'butty bach', roughly translated 'my little friend'). Secombe dryly remarks after Milligan's lines, "That's the first time I've heard a cat bark."