Season 4, Episode 17
Air date January 22, 1954
Written by Spike Milligan and Larry Stephens
Guest(s) None
Produced by Peter Eton
Musical interludes unidentified
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Crun
The History of Communications
Season "Vintage Goons", Episode 1
Air date September 22, 1958
Written by Spike Milligan
Guest(s) None
Produced by Charles Chilton
Musical interludes "It Had To Be You" (Geldray),
"Little Darling" (Ellington with Goons doing backup vocals)
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The Great Statue Debate
The Greatest Mountain in the World

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Seagoon, an assistant Egyptologist at the British Museum, comes into possession of an ancient manuscript describing the location of a tomb. Expecting to find treasure, he rushes to Egypt and forms and expedition. Unfortunately, the very long tunnel from the tomb leads somewhere else entirely.

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