Spy also known as Unteroffizier Krupp, was played by Harry Secombe; a German side-kick to Sellers' Eidelberger. Also occasionally a spy, as in "The Man Who Never Was"; Bloodnok is interrogating Krupp:

Bloodnok: Admit it, you're a German spy.

Krupp: I'm not a spy, I'm a shepherd.

Bloodnok: Aha! A shepherd-spy! (shepherd's pie). Ahhh, you can't fool us, you naughty German. We British are never caught napping.

Krupp: No, you're always caught vide avake!

Bloodnok: What? That's a damned insult! (aside to audience:) But he's perfectly correct, you know. Are you married?

Krupp: Ja, two years.

Bloodnok: Any children?

Krupp: Nein.

Bloodnok: Nine in two years? You're a blackguard, sir! You, you...

Krupp is also a chemical idiot involved with the "Tale of Men's Shirts".