Season 6, Episode 8
Air date November 8, 1955
Written by Spike Milligan
Guest(s) None
Produced by Peter Eton
Musical interludes "Pete Kelly's Blues" (Geldray),
"Rap Your Troubles In Drums" (Ellington)
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The International Christmas Pudding

Synopsis Edit

While stationed at the British Embassy in Peking, Seagoon hears of an imminent invasion of Manchuria. British citizens are hastily gathered and evacuated via plane, which crashes in the Himalayas, leading to their eventual discovery of Shangri-La.

Background Edit

Shangri-La was invented by James Hilton in his book Lost Horizon, which this episode parodies. In the book, the evacuation was originally from the British Raj.

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Availability Edit

  • Included in volume 19 of the BBC Radio Classics releases.
  • Transcript