What is Lurgi? Edit

Lurgi (featured in Goon Show episode "Lurgi Strikes Britain" is a fictional disease invented by the Goon Show characters Hercules Gryptype-Thynne and Count Jim Moriaty in order to trick Neddie Seagoon into helping their business in making brass band instruments, Mr. Goosey and Mr. Bawkes

Synopsis of "Lurgi Strikes Britain" Edit

According to Moriarty, Lurgi is a disease which causes people to go into spasms yelling "EEEEEEH-YACKABOO!!!" uncontrollably. He tells Seagoon about the disease at the beginning of the episode, stating that it is spreading fast, causing Seagoon to initially panic. Moriarty then tells Neddie that he is the only person who can save Britain from Lurgi, and that he will be made famous for it. He then takes Neddie to his partner Grytpype Thynne, who tells him the cure for the disease. According to Grytpype, the one way to make people immune to catching Lurgi is by them playing a brass band instrument. Seagoon then goes to the Houses of Parliament, and tells the house about Lurgi, and also how to cure it. Despite not fully believing him, the House arranges for a thousand brass instruments to be obtained from Mr. Goosey and Mr. Bawkes, with Neddie believing that they will save Britain from lurgi. However, after the brass instruments had been sold, the news announces Lurgi to be fake, which causes Neddie to go to Grytpype and Moriarty for confirmation. Grytpype Thynne and Moriarty reveal themselves to be the owner of the Mr. Goosey and Mr. Bawkes business name, and that they had been using Neddie, they then leave causing Neddie to break down crying before catching the Lurgi at the end of the show.

Notes Edit

  • Lurgi is a real life slang word used to describe any unknown illness.
  • "Goosey and Bawkes" is a parody of real-life British music firm Boosey & Hawkes.
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