Angela Morley, born Walter "Wally" Stott, was the orchestra conductor and arranger from series 3 onward.

Early life Edit

Morley was born Walter Stott in Leeds, Yorkshire on March 10, 1924. Stott's early musical education included brief experiences with piano, violin, accordion, clarinet, and saxophone. At the age of 15, he left school to tour with a band. Within a few years, he had advanced to not only playing with a high-profile band which did broadcasts and recordings, but also writing arrangements for pay.

Work on The Goon Show Edit

Stott joined The Goon Show in 1953. He orchestrated and conducted every episode from then until the end of the show, except for the strike-hit "The Tuscan Salami Scandal", where his usual credit was replaced by "unaccompanied by the orchestra, not conducted by the conductor."

During the same time, he was also writing all the orchestral cues for the BBC TV comedy Hancock's Half Hour.

After the Goons Edit

Stott continued to arrange and conduct for radio, television, and film. In 1972, Stott underwent gender reassignment surgery and became Angela Morley, taking her mother's maiden name. She won three Emmy Awards and two Oscar nominations for her work. As more and more of her work came from Hollywood, she moved there in 1980.

She moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1994. She died January 14, 2009.

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